Tuition and Fees

AISB is a privately run non-profit school. The school relies on its income from fees to operate.

Tuition and Fees for 2022-23 School Year

Frais de Scolarité de l’AISB pour l’année scolaire 2022-23

Exchange Rate:

As of April 6th, 2022, AISB uses an exchange rate of 600 FCFA/US$. The Board will review, and if necessary, adjust the rate that AISB uses for all transactions three times a year;

In August for the period September – December
In December for the period from January – April and
In March for the period May – August.

The rate will only be changed if it fluctuates more than +/- 5% from the published rate. The Board may also adjust the rate at other times if it alters more than +/- 5% from the published rate.

AISB does offer financial assistance on a case by case basis to families who have been enrolled at the school for at least one year. To find out more about how to apply for assistance, please contact the Director at

Payment Schedules:

The following payment schedules can be arranged with prior approval from the director.

2022 – 2023 Payment Plan schedule

The Capital Development Fee of $4,500.00 is a one-time fee paid as the students’ contribution to the annual capital budget expenses of the school. It is a one-time fee for new families.