AISB follows a North American standards-based, student-centered model of education that is designed to help students become creative critical thinkers and empowered directors of their own learning.

As with all excellent schools, curriculum at AISB is continually under review and evolving to meet the changing needs of our students. AISB curriculum is developed collaboratively by faculty teams informed by current research and best practices from around the world. AISB teachers are participants in a collegial, supportive culture of collaboration and instructional coaching with a clear focus on improving student learning.

AISB uses a standards-based model in curriculum, assessment and reporting of student progress. Our units of inquiry are built using Understanding by Design as our design model. Brief curriculum overviews are linked here.

Most subject areas uses AERO Common Core Plus Standards. These standards and benchmarks, used by many fine international schools around the world, provide a measure of consistency for our highly mobile student populations, and make their transitions from one school to another smoother.

AISB parents access student progress reports and other information about their child’s learning through FOCUS and Mastery Connect, the school’s information management systems. Elementary faculty each send a class E-mail, as a means of communicating with parents and helping parents to engage with their child’s class.

AISB offers technology-enhanced learning experiences for students. Students from G3 to G12 are expected to bring a suitable electronic device to school with them. Many classes at the secondary level use Google and AP Classrooms as their online platforms.

Curriculum Review Cycle

The AISB faculty are continually reviewing and revising curriculum. During this process we draw on the latest research from around the world, best practice from other schools and data collected from our students and families. Brief curriculum overviews are linked here.