AISB: A great place to TEACH

AISB is a small international school committed to high-quality education, with a steadfast focus on the growth and well-being of the whole child. As a small school we place high emphasis on knowing our students well. We value the flexibility of our school, and believe in bringing our professional expertise to finding creative solutions so that each of our students can learn and grow.

A Great Teaching Environment

At AISB a commitment to quality education means a commitment to creativity. Classrooms are flexible, dynamic spaces. Small class sizes mean that teachers have time for every child, every day. Our warm, dynamic faculty maintain a culture of collaboration and professional collegiality that support creative innovation and great teaching. Our outstanding Student Support Team provides flexible classroom-based or pull-out academic learning support and content-based English language learning support for students as they grow.

A Warm, Welcoming Community

AISB is known for its supportive community of parents and — most importantly — for its great students. AISB students and faculty at every level enjoy warm relationships built in mutual respect and trust. Everyone knows nearly everyone else at AISB; and learning takes place in a, friendly and constructive atmosphere.

A Rich Cultural Context

AISB is proud to be part of our Malian community. Our students and teachers interact freely within the wider community, and many are engaged in long-term community projects. Mali offers a warm, friendly and open society to live in, and to learn from. Bamako is a rapidly-growing city that maintains a small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere. Malian culture places a high value on courtesy, friendliness, good humor, conversation and welcome. These characteristics impact our everyday work and living environments in ways everyone can see and feel. Mali’s rich and dynamic cultural heritage are another great reason to be at AISB. Art, literature, dance, and especially music are highly valued in Mali, and are easily accessible throughout the year in Bamako.


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