AISB Internship Program

Meaningful Community Engagement

Students at AISB complete a week-long community internship placement during their 11th grade year. The internship program supports students in exploring areas of interest to them, related to their academic or career plans perhaps; or something entirely new that excites their interest or imaginations.

Beyond students’ pursuit of a personal interest, a chief aim of the program is for students to engage meaningfully with the broader community and the world outside school; another is to foster students’ autonomy and independence, and their confidence in interacting with others; still another is to develop their ability to plan and take responsibility, to respond creatively and constructively to challenges and setbacks, and to reflect meaningfully upon their experiences as stepping stones along a “life-path.”

AISB will work with students to find an internship that aligns with their interests, career goals and language skills. We encourage students to brainstorm ideas and network with their families, friends, and teachers for interesting opportunities.