A Guide to the Admissions Process

The application process is detailed below. Questions? Need help? Please contact our Registrar, at registrar@aisbmali.org.

Step 1: Download either of the following:
Applications Packet in English
Dossier de demande en Français

Step 2: Complete the Application Form and collect the required documentation.

Step 3: Receipt of Application – The Registrar acknowledges receipt of both the application form and fee and sends you details about how to continue with the admissions process.

Step 4: Decision Notification – Once the student’s file is complete, the Director will review the file and decide if a placement test will be necessary. Please note that this process usually takes a few days. The Registrar will contact the student’s parents to inform them of the decision.
In order to begin the admissions process, it is essential that we receive the completed application form, supporting documentation and the application fee of $350. Once this has been received, a file will be opened in your child’s name and the admissions process begins.

Please note that the application fee covers the administrative costs of the application process. It is non-refundable.

Admissions Checklist

Please refer to the checklist before submitting the documentation.

Required documentation includes:

  • Application for Admission
  • Copy of student’s original birth certificate or passport
  • Immunization records
  • Copies of your child’s last three years’ school reports and/or transcripts
  • Copies of standardized test results from the last 3 years (e.g. MAP, ISA, ITBS, SAT, ACT, PSAT etc), if your child has taken any of these
  • Copy of most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) or special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy reports, where relevant
  • Confidential School Reports are available with the Admissions Package, and will be provided upon your intial inquiries. Please forward the relevant forms to your child’s current teacher or teachers.

Getting Ready to Start School

Once your child is accepted, and before she or he starts school, you will receive a welcome package with additional information about the AISB community and procedures. You will also receive a checklist of any remaining documentation required before the first day of school.

We look forward to meeting you!