AISB is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

AISB has recently submitted its mid-term accreditation report and received a letter of commendation regarding action plans.

AISB undertakes a comprehensive and externally-reviewed self-study every seven years, to ensure that all areas of school operations continue to meet MSA’s high standards for quality. Our most recent re-accreditation was in 2019. In August 2024, we began our new self-study process.


What’s happened so far:

  • You’ll find the Re-accreditation Timeline, which summarizes the entire process, here.
  • AISB is currently in the middle of the 7-year re-accreditation cycle. 
  • MSA requires that schools identify a set of student performance and organizational capacity Objectives, then design and implement action plans to achieve them. Following an intensive examination of our context and the needs and interests of the AISB community, the Accreditation Planning Team identified three Objectives for growth, which will work together with the Strategic Plan to guide the school’s development over the next seven years. You will find the draft Objectives here.
  • Each year since the previous re-accreditation in 2019, AISB faculty and staff have reviewed the Action Plans annually, setting short-term objectives (for a one year time span for achievement), work through the year to implement, and at the end of each year review and set new short-term objectives.


What’s happening now:

The approved Objectives called for improvement in student performance in mathematical thinking and reading, and improvement in the school’s capacity to teach and assess the attributes of its Profile of Graduates. We are currently engaged in an intensive review of the school’s curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts, to identify areas in which we can improve. Each year, our school action planning teams, review the objectives and the progress that has been made thus far. Each year, short term objectives are created to move us closer and closer to achieving the broad objectives approved in the accreditation process.


We appreciate you!!

We thank sincerely the many parent, student and staff volunteers who have participated in this valuable process and who continue to be involved in action planning teamwork, including those students and parents on the Committees, students who participated in focus groups, and the many parents, students and staff who complete AISB surveys for continual growth and improvement. The information and insight our community has provided is valuable, and will serve AISB student learning for many years to come.


The American International School of Bamako engages students in an international, English-medium educational program based upon American standards, that encourages critical thinking and inquiry together with academic, social and personal growth. AISB welcomes students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds and ensures that all students experience an innovative and supportive international learning environment, and are empowered to meet successfully the diverse challenges of an ever-changing world.


AISB is a full member of the Association of International Schools in Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) and is approved by the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS).