Salary and Benefits

Our salary and benefits package is competitive and comparable to other American international schools in West Africa. We typically hire teachers with at least a Bachelor’s degree, two years of relevant teaching experience and an appropriate qualification.  The salary for teachers entering with a B.A. (+ certification)/B.Ed and two years’ experience is $30,500.  As well as annual pay steps, there are also salary increments for additional degrees (B.A. +15, 30; M.A. +15, 30; and Ph.D.).  The maximum entry scale  is for Ph.D. step 14 at $47,900.  All teachers receive an additional 10% retirement benefit paid bi-annually, and overseas contracted teachers receive a 10% cost of living adjustment to offset the added costs of overseas living.

Overseas Hire Benefits

The additional benefits shown below are limited to Faculty who are hired from overseas on an Overseas Hire Contract.  AISB will provide the following for the employee and family:

  • Flight to home of record at beginning and end of contract. Return flight to/from Paris at the end of the first year.
  • Furnished Housing: defined as minimum a 2-bedroom house with basic furniture and appliances. We try to provide housing within walking distance of the school.
  • Comprehensive health and evacuation insurance.
  • Two extra bags of accompanied baggage ($300 maximum) at beginning/end of contract only.
  • Settling in Allowance: a one-time $1,500 settling in allowance will be paid upon arrival in Bamako.
  • Guards: 24-hour guard service for the premises.
  • Maintenance: Basic, reasonable property maintenance of Employee housing.
  • Interest free car loan to purchase a vehicle locally: $6,000 per full-time employee to be paid back in the first year of service.

Professional Development

AISB prides itself on the professionalism of its staff and supports our teachers in continuous professional growth. AISB teachers are part of a dynamic workplace culture and participate in ongoing collaborative development of the school and its programs. The school also provides funding for teachers’ individual professional development each year.

Budget allowing, AISB teachers benefit from the many fine workshops, conferences and institutes offered by the Association of International Schools in Africa, our regional organization. AISA brings together educators from across Africa to meet, share ideas, discuss challenges and develop solutions.