Community Based Engagement

Beginning this school year, students at AISB will participate in Community Based Engagement. CBE will allow and support students in engaging in meaningful and student driven community engagement.

Service Learning at AISB is gaining momentum. In 2016-2017 students participated in a variety of different projects. AISB students worked with children in an orphanage and students with disabilities, organized two football tournaments, worked on a community garden, designed a rabbit hutch for the school, worked on building a water pump, organized an after school science club for elementary students, and the ASA Buddy Hour to name a few. Most of these projects were student driven and allowed students to explore and learn about what interests them.

AISB is moving away from Service Learning and towards Community-Based Engagement. CBE strives for students to be active and involved members of the community in which they live. The goal of CBE is for students to become involved in an issue that is important to them and to take action to learn and improve the situation. The CBE program will provide support and structure that will allow students to effectively and ethically engage in the community.

The rationale for changing from SL to CBE is to push students to work on a project that they feel passionate about instead of simply trying to finish their 20-hour requirement (HS students only). Students will be supported in the CBE program by their advisory teacher and the CBE Program Coordinator.

CBE Requirements

Students in grades 9-12 are required to:

  • Plan and set personal goal for what they hope to achieve through CBE
  • Complete and submit the Goal Setting Form for CBE
  • Plan, do, and reflect (plan activities, carry them out, and reflect upon what you have learned)
  • Keep records of your activities, achievements, and disappointments throughout the academic year.
  • Show evidence of learning and growth
  • Complete a CBE portfolio

CBE Rationale

The CBE program provides an opportunity for students to:

  • Meaningfully engage with their community
  • Improve the life-skills needed to work effectively within a community
  • Enjoy the sense of accomplishment and belonging that comes from community engagement
  • Learn more about the community in which they live
  • Create a project that is meaningful to them and helpful to the community

Students who choose not to participate openly and authentically in the program will lose the opportunity to develop in these areas.

More information and resources for students can be found here.