High School

The High School Academic Program

AISB offers a full college-preparatory curriculum. Courses are oriented toward higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills, designed to challenge every student; students are encouraged to build deep understandings, to think critically, to make connections across disciplines and to apply their knowledge in understanding authentic, real-world problems.

In addition to our core academics the school offers a range of electives and Advanced Placement courses, both on campus and online. Small class sizes, a responsive curriculum and an outstanding international faculty mean that AISB students receive excellent preparation for academic success. Teachers always have time for students; and extra academic support –and moral support– are always available for students who need them.

All Secondary teachers send a monthly summary  to help parents keep in touch with what’s going on in the classroom. Brief curriculum overviews are linked here.

Our college counseling program supports our graduating students and their families in finding the right college placements. AISB graduates attend fine colleges around the world.

Students in Secondary School meet with their advisors weekly. Secondary School Advisors know their students well, and support and oversee the progress of each student.


High School Student Culture


AISB High School students are articulate, hardworking and inclusive young people who take pride in the diversity of their student culture and are pleased to welcome newcomers to their community.

Student voice is highly valued at AISB, and our faculty and students enjoy collegial relationships based in a high level of trust. Open, creative learning environments encourage AISB students to question and explore, to challenge themselves, and to seek academic excellence fearlessly. Teachers and students know one another well and work closely together to help students become self-empowered, effective learners and directors of their own learning.

High School students interact frequently with the community beyond school, organizing events and initiating community projects of their own.