Communicating with the Board

The Board outlines the appropriate channels for communication between and among students, parents, teachers, administration and the Board in Section 9 of the Board Policy Manual, below.

If after reading the policy you feel that the most appropriate avenue for your communication is the Board of Trustees, you can contact them by email. You can also reach the school’s Director’s email. Teachers and other staff can be reached through the office, at 6530-0909.



The Board of Trustees recognizes the need for proper communication between and among students, parents, teachers, administration and the Board. The Director is the executive agent of the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the organization, operation and administration of the total school program. He/She is, therefore, the normal channel of communication between the Board and the public. Questions about school policy should be directed to the Director who will consult with the Board as necessary. Decisions should be referred back to the Director for reply or action. Board members’ authority exists only in the Board acting as a whole. Individual board members should not become involved with administrative matter related to students or teachers. Teachers should discuss their organizational, administrative and instructional problems with their supervisor before presenting them to the Board as defined in Policy 512.1. Teachers should likewise encourage parents/guardians to discuss with them matters pertaining to the individual classroom situation prior to conferring with the Director. It is the desire of the Board that all matters be discussed and problems solved by those immediately concerned and be taken to higher authority only when adequate satisfaction cannot be obtained otherwise. (Revised 03/07)


Concerns related to individual children are usually best referred to the class teacher. Problems unresolved through a conference with the teacher and problems of a more general nature should be referred to the Director.


Requests for changes in school policy and appeals from decisions made by the Director may be addressed to the Board. All communications to the Board should be in writing and should be addressed to the Chairman, Board of Trustees, American International School of Bamako. Only the Board acting as a whole in a regular or special meeting shall make decisions about school policy.


Parents and others who feel aggrieved on any matter connected with the school should report the problem to the teacher and/or Director. If the Director is unable to resolve the matter satisfactorily, the person making the complaint may refer the matter in writing to the Board. No complaint against an employee shall be considered by the Board unless filed in writing, clearly specifying the grounds of complaint, and signed by the complaining party. Such complaints shall be considered in executive session when appropriate. The Board’s decision will be final and generally be provided in writing.