After School Activities

AISB offers an After School Activities Program (ASAP) for students from Grades K to 12. Activities run from 2:50-3:50pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in six to eight week sessions. Each Tuesday is open for “free play,” and students from Grades K to 12 are welcome to make use of the following supervised spaces: the MPR, the library, the workout room, the playing fields and courts, the pools and the MakerSpace. The library is open during ASAP times for students to get assistance from teachers, or to read, relax or study. 

Most activities are run by our faculty, but we are a small and friendly school and we strongly encourage interested parents to join us in providing exciting options for students. Our students are eager to share your interests, your skills, and your knowledge. If you can join us, we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

 AISB also hosts a number of activities run by paid instructors, which may be provided to students at a small cost. New activities are offered each quarter. The current list of activities will be published when sessions reopen in the new school year.

 For questions regarding the After School Activities Program, contact Ms. Yaa Obeng, our Activities Coordinator, at or on 2022-4738. 

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 After-school Activities Schedule

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After School Activities Program Statement of Purpose

Adopted February 20, 2018

The AISB After School Activities (ASA) Program is offered to students in grades 1 to 12. ASA’s run every day after school except Thursdays, from 2:45 until 3:50. The ASA year is divided into four sessions of approximately six weeks each. All students who remain at school during the ASA period must be registered in a supervised activity and under the care of a designated adult. Students registered in an activity are not able to supervise younger siblings who are not registered.

On “FreeZone Tuesdays” any student in grade 1 to 12 is invited to remain on the campus to explore all that our campus has to offer. On these days the campus as a whole is supervised by faculty in each of the “Free Zones”: library, MakerSpace, athletics fields, workout room, foyer, cafeteria and lounge areas. During FreeZone Tuesdays students are encouraged to start an activity or club of their own, to join an ongoing activity, hold meetings, play sports or games, do homework or simply enjoy one another’s company in some congenial space.

We welcome parent involvement in the ASA program to offer or assist with an activity.

The ASA Program is developed with ongoing input from students, teachers and parents. The purpose of after-school activities at AISB is to:

  • Further the Mission of the school
  • Support students in building the skills, dispositions and habits described by AISB’s Profile of Graduates
  • Contribute to the sense of community at AISB, through providing opportunities for social engagement and creativity across ages and grades
  • Encourage students’ appreciation for and pleasure in the physical environment of the AISB campus
  • Provide enrichment, extra- and co-curricular learning opportunities for students, in a safe and student-centered environment
  • Provide opportunities for students and teachers to develop and build their shared interests.
  • Offer opportunities for students to discover and try new things in a variety of disciplines.
  • Support students who need or desire it, in any area of their academic development.