Interested in Summer Camp or Swimming?

Is your child interested in an AISB summer camp or swim lessons?

We are still looking for a critical mass of students to join us this summer for a summer camp for AISB students (and others). Before going further with the planning we want to:

  • Know if there are sufficient numbers of families with a general interest to make such a camp feasible
  • Get an idea of what those families are looking for in a summer camp.

Please email the director ( soon with your expression of interest and a few lines about what you are looking for, who would attend and which weeks (from June 23 to August 4) interest you.

Our initial thoughts about the camp are: 

  • The camp would run with kids from 6-13 years of age, as these are the ages our AISB summer teachers have experience with
  • The hours would be from 9am-1pm
  • The cost for a four-week program would be 250,000CFA and include snack and lunch
  • Activities would include swimming, sports, games and some crafts and building projects.