AISB Vision, Mission and Beliefs

All decisions at AISB are made in light of our foundational documents below.  


All students achieve personal and academic excellence, and engage positively with their local and global communities. 


The American International School of Bamako provides a high quality international, English-language educational program based upon American academic standards, which fosters academic excellence and personal growth. AISB provides an innovative, supportive learning environment that welcomes students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, empowering them to meet successfully the diverse challenges of a changing world.

Values and Beliefs 

The AISB community works together cooperatively in support of student learning, growth, and well being, building upon the perspectives and contributions of each student, parent, teacher and member of staff.

We believe each person is a unique individual with dignity and worth, deserving of respect and humane regard.

We believe it is essential for ours to be an effective ethical community where each and all are held accountable to integrity, honesty, compassion and mutual respect.

We believe in working together to foster students’ resourcefulness, creativity and self-expression.

We believe that learning and growth are life-long projects, and that good education prepares students to become life-long learners. Similarly, we believe that great institutions grow and improve continually.

We believe in providing a supportive and safe learning environment that inspires intellectual, cultural, physical and emotional growth in balance.

We believe our students should develop an awareness of and a respect for different cultures, locally and globally.

We believe that individuals require abundant opportunity to make their own meaningful choices, and direct their own learning and growth to become empowered individuals.

We believe that students need to develop a balance of skills that allows them to work effectively both collaboratively and individually.

We believe in a balanced academic program that fosters understanding, knowledge and appreciation of languages and literature, humanities, math, science and the arts.